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        Gear Machine

        There are various types of CNC Gear Shaping Machine offered by us that is used in machining process for creating teeth on a gear using a cutter. Gear shaping is a convenient and versatile method of gear cutting. Gear Shaping is a machinery process that involves continuous, same-plane rotational cutting. It is an accurate cutting process that produces a high surface finish on both external and internal teeth. The CNC Gear Shaping Machine is offered by us in various types as per the need. It is very efficient and durable. 
        The Gear Shaving Machine is a finishing machine that removes excess metal from machined gears by the axial sliding motion of a straight-rack cutter or a circular gear cutter. Gear shaving is a free cutting gear finishing operation which removes small amounts of metal from the working surfaces of gear teeth. During the gear-cutting process the initial standard contour of the pinion generating tool is displaced radially in such a way that the pitch line of the tool does not touch the pitch circle of the gear. Gear Shaving Machine is made in various types and specifications. 
        A Gear Hobbing Machine is the most widely used machine tool in gear processing machine tools. It can cut straight and helical cylindrical gears, and can also process worm gears, sprockets and so on. The hob generates a gear tooth profile by cutting several facets of each gear tooth profile through a synchronized rotation and feed of the work piece and cutter. The Gear Hobbing Machine is made available by us in various types as per the need. The machine provides gear manufacturers a fast and accurate method for cutting parts.